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InterConsulting Group


For this management consultancy holding we created an identity. By using typical energy/infrastructure colours such as blue, green and grey and visual elements of overlapping fingerprints, we created an identity that refers to their field of work and the fact that in all of their projects, collaboration is key.

Client: management consultancy holding
Project: concept development, logo, color profile
Products: Powerpoint deck, identity



In collaboration with Vruchtvlees a new, permanent identity for Cinekid was developed. In addition to this each year a different theme is set for the festival, with its campaign visual. This campaign is worked out in all visual expressions of the festival.

Client: children film- and media festival 
Project: co-developing identity, yearly campaign visual and daily publications
Products: print & online publications, posters, print & online advertisements, merchandise, signing, award graphics & MediaLab graphics


Vera Blok

The colours and fonts that existed in the 30’s architectural images lay at the base of this design. A visual of a repeating pattern in faded blue and grey colours was cut out of paper and arranged. This way,  the concept of ‘soul’ remains in the artwork background, which is essential to the daily practice of the restaurator.

Client: fine art restaurator 
Project: identity and website
Products: stationary, templates, business cards and website


Het Ketelhuis

For this cinema a new identity was developed.  As het Ketelhuis puts films in the spotlight, this was the starting point for the identity development. The new look was translated into all graphic communication tools of the film theatre.

Client: movie theatre with a focus on Dutch film
Project: identity
Product: print, leader, office material & website co-ordination

Het Ketelhuis Logo_

Fysio Goudenregen

The original logo – an illustration of a leaf in autumnal colours-  stood at the heart of the design. A reference to interweaving muscles and moving parts was added. The colours were re-used in a background of overlaying, semi-transparant shapes. By adding white, floating blocks as background for text, the website got a fresh, modern look.

Client: physical therapist practice
Project: restyling of identity and website
Products: stationary, office materials, templates, newsletter design, website


Het Danspaleis

Records from 40’s and 50’s lay the foundation for this concept. A number of images were selected and used in the new identity. The size of flyers and posters is based on the size of records (singles and LP’s). The album covers background was also translated into all identity print materials.

Client: organiser of disco parties for seniors
Project: identity and daily communication items
Product: print publications, website (coordination) & identity print materials

Het Danspaleis Afbeelding

Morocco with Mo

The colour of a desert sky provided the inspiration for a bright blue in logo and backgrounds. To stay away from the competition, a minimalistic website was created with the focus on Instagram-like photography. The result was a photo-rich website that uses a diptych design. The site is still in development. 

Client: tour guide business
Project: branding and website
Products: website, business cards, banners


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