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Project Flow


We sit down with the client and ask a lot of critical questions to come to a profound understanding of the client and the project. If necessary we redefine goals. We set a timeline, budget and the exact output. We end up with a clearly mapped-out design process.


Together with the client we explore the needs and preferences of the target audience. We also look at the context of the project and other players in the field. Depending on the required skills, we can decide to add freelance team members.

Concept Proposal

Based on the briefing and the research that we have done we develop three concepts that we present as mood boards. Together with the client we decide which design will be developed.

Design Concept

With the selected direction we start the design phase. We test our concept with the target audience. At the end of the conceptual phase is the final design.

Final Design

The final design is translated into all agreed products. We deliver to the client a complete design package with instructions how to implement the design in the various products.

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